Two European patents approved for tissue diagnostics

"Another milestone is passed as Lumito's third patent family now is granted in Europe as the first region. The patent (WO2018224688A1), ”A method of anaIysing a sampIe for at Ieast one anaIyte”, specifically contains the area of application that Lumito's first product launch is targetingand protects the Company's in vitro diagnostics based on upconversion nanoparticles (UCNP). We hope that the European approval will be followed by approval in other regions,"

says Urban Widén, Lumito's acting CEO. Urban Widén is also the inventor of the patent, which is based on his idea to use the technology for human tissue diagnostics instead of laboratory animal research as was originally intended.



The second patent, which the European Patent Office now has granted as well, is WO2014006012A1. It describes the utilization of pulsed light to improve the efficiency of the technology and shorten the imaging time. This patent has previously been approved in Korea, Australia, China, South Africa, the US and Japan. We are now awaiting approval in Canada and India.

Lumito's product in brief
Lumito's product is a scanner with staining reagents based on UCNPs (up-converting nanoparticles). The scanner is used to provide pathologists and biomedical analysts visual depictions of tissue samples as an input for making diagnosis. The tissue samples are stained using specific reagents to create imaging with higher contrast and thus improve the pathologists' possibility to reach the correct diagnosis.

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Lumito specializes in imaging technology within medical research and development. The technology is based on so called UCNP:s (Up Converting Nano Particles) and is aiming to increase image quality in biomedical applications. Lumito´s IPR covers high-quality imaging of tissue, for instance in tumours, with UCNP:s as markers. The technology has several possible application areas, but Lumito has initially decided to focus on digital pathology.

Lumito's share is traded under the ticker LUMITO on the Nordic Growth Market, NGM SME, where the Company's mentor is G&W Fondkommission, telephone: +468-503 000 50.