An innovative product with patented technology that provides users with high-quality tissue images with enhanced contrast and granularity compared to traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC). SCIZYS creates visual representations without a disruptive background of irrelevant tissue and autofluorescence, and with a very low detection threshold. 

Tissue Images

Our UCNP technology combines the two modalities of brightfield and UCNP, which gives the user better images where the tissue morphology isn’t obscured.

SCIZYS consists of SCIZYS S1, SCIZYS SW and SCIZYS Erbium Kit

Here's how it works


Preparation of the histological sample: Our system uses the same preparation methods as other histochemical analysis methods.


Placement of the tissue sample: The sample is placed in our SCIZYS slide holder and inserted into the scanner. The scanner can accommodate up to four slides per scan.


Automatic preview: The scanner automatically generates a preview image of the tissue sample. Here, settings such as selecting the ROI area or changing parameters and laser exposure time can be adjusted to optimise image quality.


Scanning the tissue sample and image delivery: Our scanner scans the tissue sample in high resolution after adjusting the settings. The resulting images are then delivered and made available for analysis in an image viewer.