Our vision is to offer a product that releases resources, increases precision, and minimises human margins of error when diagnosing cancer indications. 

Our Product Offer

Our product offer is initially directed towards research laboratories, where our product’s high-quality imaging system can improve researchers’ analysis results, which is vital to achieving scientific breakthroughs and increasing the understanding of complex biological processes. By extension, it is our ambition to also provide our product for clinical use. 

SCIZYS Erbium Kit

UCNP-based staining solutions


Whole Slide Imaging Scanner (WSI)



SCIZYS: A Time and Cost-Effective Tissue Analysis Method with Many Advantages

SCIZYS is an innovative product that provides the user with high-quality tissue images with higher contrast and granularity compared to traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC). SCIZYS creates visual representations without a disruptive background of irrelevant tissue and autofluorescence, and with a very low detection threshold. By combining traditional brightfield with up-converted nanoparticles (UCNP), SCIZYS makes it possible to discover illnesses in early stages and provides a versatile, time and cost-effective method for several different tissue analyses. In addition, the image that is created does not obscure any morphology. 


SCIZYS has several advantages that result in a time and cost-effective method for tissue analysis. Firstly, the detection threshold for illnesses can be lowered, which increases the chances of finding illnesses in the early stages and makes it possible to provide earlier treatment. Secondly, the need for manual labour is decreased, lowering costs and decreasing the risk of human errors. Finally, through the combination of traditional brightfield and UCNP technology, the SCIZYS method is a versatile and effective method that can be used for many different tissue analyses, which increases its versatility and useability. 



The first step in our product launch is an initial focus on research laboratories in Sweden and Scandinavia, followed by a launch on the entire European market and in the USA.  

Launching a product for research laboratories before launching for clinical use enables a quicker market launch, generating income and increasing awareness of our product offer. It also provides the added value of finding out where and to what ends our product creates more value before a clinical launch. 

Our overarching strategy is to offer a product solution that addresses the global market of tissue diagnostics for microscopes and scanners, as well as for reagent liquids.

Scalable Business Model – Buy or Rent a Lumito Scanner

Our scalable business model allows customers to choose the option that best suits their needs. We offer two models: Purchase a scanner as a capital product and decide on the number of consumables that you will need or rent a scanner with a flexible agreement that includes a predetermined volume of consumables. With us, you’ll get an accessible and adaptable solution.

Regardless of whether you need a short- or long-term solution, we can offer a flexible and cost-effective option that suits your specific needs.