Free tissue diagnostics from limitations
Welcome our revolutionary UCNP technology as a complement to traditional staining

Lumito's UCNP Technology

Our UCNP technology for tissue analysis differs from today’s traditional methods by providing more information from the same tissue sample, which can be saved for potential future use, which saves resources. Our technology enables both traditional histological staining and UCNP staining within the same tissue sample to analyse morphology and antigens. 

The advantages of our UCNP technology are many. It is highly stable, unaffected by photobleaching, and deemed to be more reliable. The samples can be scanned multiple times, tolerates storage better, and can be handled in daylight. The images have higher contrast and granularity compared to traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC), providing better foundations for decision-support tools based on image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). 

How Lumito’s Technology Works

Our technology is based on an immunohistochemical reagent kit, where UCNP are used as reporters.

Image Comparisons

DAB hemsidan UCNP cyan

Overlay cyan

Lumito’s Patent Portfolio Drives Innovation in Image Processing and Imaging Technology using UCNP Conjugate

Our patent portfolio includes three patent families, and we have an active patent strategy where we’re always working to expand our patent portfolio. We hold multiple patents relating to our technology, which gives us exclusive rights to use our technology to visualise specific markers in cells and biological samples using UCNP conjugate. 

Our patent protection provides us with a unique position in the market and the opportunity to revolutionise image analysis and imaging technology with UCNP conjugate. We continue to drive innovation and development to enhance our technology further and explore new applications in different areas. 

Production in the Nordics

To finalise the design, industrialise, 0-series production, and launch of our first WSI scanner, SCIZYS S1, we have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Swedish company Optronic Partner pr. 


A Letter of Intent has been signed with the Finnish company Uniogen (formerly Kaviogen Oy) for manufacturing our reagent kit.


We are proud to have our production and manufacturing located in the Nordics!