SCIZYS: The Future's Product for Tissue Analysis

SCIZYS Erbium Kit  

SCIZYS Erbium Kit is a UCNP-based IHC kit that enables the identification of primary or secondary antibodies in histological samples. 

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SCIZYS S1 is a WSI scanner that images histological samples using brightfield and up-converted nanoparticles (UCNPs) to display both chromogenic staining and UCNP luminescence. Brightfield and UCNP can be combined to provide a more comprehensive basis for tissue analysis.

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SCIZYS SW is innovative and user-friendly software where the user interacts with the scanner through a dedicated graphical user interface. 

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For research use only

SCIZYS. For Higher Quality, Accuracy, and Efficient Analysis Processes

High contrast and granularity

SCIZYS produce images with higher contrast and granularity compared to traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC). 


No autofluorescence

Lumito’s technology captures no disruptive background and autofluorescence from irrelevant tissue. 

Low detection threshold

SCIZYS has a low detection threshold, making registering low signals possible.

Brightfield and UCNP 

The images can be captured in both traditional brightfield and UCNP, which can be combined without obscuring the morphology. 

Components of the Product Offer

Tissue Images

Discover the benefits of our UCNP technology for tissue sample staining.


How to use SCIZYS

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