Lumito specialises in medical technology for digital pathology and aims to improve tissue diagnostics with its patented technology. With technology based on up-converted nanoparticles (UCNP), high-quality images are generated with increased contrast and decreased irrelevant background noise. These images shorten turnaround time and provide higher-quality data for analysis. Lumito is a spin-off from a research team at Lund University’s Division of Atomic Physics and Laser Centre and is planning to initially launch its product SCIZYS for research laboratories. 

Our History

Professor Stefan Andersson-Engels leads a research group in the Division of Atomic Physics and Laser Centre at Lund University, where they prove the advantages of a medical application of up-converted nanoparticles (UCNP). Their research launched what would later become Lumito AB. 

Lumito is Founded
• Lumito is founded, and the first patent application is submitted.
New Patent
• Lumito applies for a new patent in the second patent family.
Business Plan
• A business plan is developed for specialisation in medical technology within digital pathology.
Stock Market Listing and More
• The company’s organisation is formalised and Lumito gets its first CEO.
• The company is listed on Nordic Growth Market (NGM) in October.
• Lumito applies for yet another patent in the third patent family.
Alpha Prototype
• An alpha prototype with significant functionality is implemented.
Beta Prototype
• A beta prototype with all functionality and design is implemented.
• Lumito expands and moves into larger facilities at Mårtenstorget 5, Lund.
• Current CEO Mattias Lundin takes office on March 8.
Results from a Pilot Study and More
• In March, Lumito’s quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 13485 for medical technical products.
• In April, Lumito signs an agreement with Optronic Partner pr for 0-series production of scanners and a few months later, a Letter of Intent is signed with Uniogen Oy (previously Kaivogen Oy) for production of Lumito’s reagent kit.
• Lumito showcases its product for the first time at an external congress and adjoining fair. In combination with the progress that is being made, Lumito partly exits the development phase and progresses into the commercialisation phase.
• Lumito becomes an associated member in the British PathLAKE consortium.
• In December, the results of a pilot study conducted by Daniel Öhlund’s research team at Umeå University are published in the American journal Cancer Immunology Research.