The need for better diagnostic reliability is great and immediate, and Lumito has a solution with potential

These are the words of Björn Isfoss, Chief Pathologist and advisor to Lumito. The cooperation is fully in line with Lumito's strategy to build its own organization with the skills and capacity to manage and develop the current and future products.

– I have chosen to work together with Lumito, whose technology has the capacity to meet the current great needs of improved tissue diagnostics with better diagnostic accuracy. I further believe that Lumito's computer analysis, with its high image quality, offers the potential to provide digital immunohistochemistry in a groundbreaking manner. The technology makes it possible to supply more information, which in turn allows a more precise assessment and treatment of the patient. This can further reduce the costs of healthcare by ensuring that patients are treated with the adequate medication and are spared unnecessary adverse side effects, says Björn Isfoss.

Björn Isfoss, currently one of Lumito's advisors, is driven by curiosity and a desire to improve and develop the field of pathology as well as the situation of its practitioners. He has extensive background and solid experience in pathology and has worked as a pathology consultant in Norway, Sweden and the UK since 1998. Prior to that, the served as the Chief Pathologist of Unilabs in Norway, and he has since 1989 also practised pathology in Sweden and Norway, and, for six years, in the United States. Björn Isfoss has two doctoral degrees (Oslo, 2014 and Lund, 2017).

Lumito made contact with Björn Isfoss through the Company's partner, ImaGene-IT AB, which under the current partnership houses Lumito's laboratory and supports qualitative analyses of Lumito's staining processes. According to Björn Isfoss, the growing domain of tissue diagnostics requires higher precision, and the demand for better information to treating physicians has increased. Novel research has provided a range of effective medication for cancer that all rely on advanced pathological analysis of the tumour tissue. Therein lies a problem: current immunohistochemical technologies are not equipped to supply the safe and reliable results needed to guide certain forms of anticancer immunotherapies. This is unacceptable for the patients. Lumito's digital immunohistochemistry has a great potential to improve the diagnostic accuracy within pathology, Björn Isfoss believes.

– Digital pathology has proven to enable diagnostics equal to microscopic examinations, and it increases the pathologists’ efficiency. Digital pathology is already the standard way of procedure in some clinical pathology laboratories in Sweden; Lumito's technology is right on target with regard to this trend, and may actually accelerate it, says Björn Isfoss.– We are very pleased with our cooperation with Björn Isfoss. His contribution, based on his solid experience and breadth, will be fundamental to the future success of the company. We can ensure that we deliver something that the pathologists actually desire, that facilitates analysis and diagnosis. Björn will also be able to place emphasis on the other opportunities that our technology offers, how they can be packaged, and on other markers and reagents we could develop in the future, says Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Lumito.


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 specializes in imaging technology within medical research and development. The technology is based on so called UCNP:s (Up Converting Nano Particles) and is aiming to increase image quality in biomedical applications. Lumito´s IPR covers high-quality imaging of tissue, for instance in tumours, with UCNP:s as markers. The technology has several possible application areas, but Lumito has initially decided to focus on digital pathology.

Björn Isfoss has extensive background and solid experience in pathology. He has worked as a pathology consultant in Norway, Sweden and the UK since 1998. Björn Isfosss is Chief Pathologist at Unilabs in Norway and is a member of the Unilabs Pathology Expert Group in Geneva. He has since 1989 also practised pathology in Sweden and Norway, and, for six years, in the United States.

Björn Isfoss has two doctoral degrees (Oslo, 2014 and Lund, 2017).

ImaGene-iT AB is a CRO company that provides Life Science services ranging from the setup and performance  of research and discovery projects to recommendations for product development. ImaGene-iT AB has a variety of investigative techniques for molecular detection and analyses from histological to intracellular levels, providing support to academic research groups, health-care, pharma, biotechnology and  manufacturing industries.

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