The alpha prototype of the instrument delivered to Lumito according to plan

Lumito’s development partner TTP has delivered the alpha prototype of what will be Lumito’s first product. After delivery, the instrument has successfully undergone internal acceptance testing.

The ongoing development phase of Lumito’s first product includes the development of an alpha prototype, with essential functionality implemented (“work like”), and thereafter a beta prototype, with complete implementation of functionality and design (“work like – look like”).

The alpha prototype was delivered according to plan by Lumito’s development partner TTP at the end of July. It has now undergone an acceptance test at Lumito’s premises, with successful result. 

– It is an important step that we are now able work with the prototype on site to provide input for the further development of the beta prototype, and that we will now be able to demonstrate the functionality here in Lund to prospective customers and partners, says Lumito’s CEO, Stefan Nilsson.