Successful results from a pre-study completed in collaboration with Umeå University, Sweden, shows that Lumito’s technique offers better possibilities compared with other immunohistochemical methods

A now completed pre-study, initiated at the beginning of this year in collaboration with a research group at Umeå University in Sweden led by Assistant Professor Daniel Öhlund has yielded successful results. The research group intended to identify how Lumito's UCNP (Up-Converting Nano Particles) technology could be used to improve the ability to visualise protein expression in pancreatic cancer.

– Using Lumito's imaging technique, we have investigated, among other things, whether a particular protein diffuses through secretion from the cancer cells into the surrounding fibrotic stroma. Lumito's technique has provided better possibilities, compared to other immunohistochemical methods, to illustrate the penetration of secreted proteins into the tumour stroma," says Daniel Öhlund, whose ambition is to publish a scientific article on the subject.

– The project and the study by the research team has now been completed and we have received the feedback we desired. The project has provided us with valuable knowledge that will be applied in our work going forward to create a broad and competitive product by identifying additional indications where our technology can be applied, comments Mattias Lundin, Lumito's CEO.


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Lumito specializes in medical technology for digital pathology. Through its proprietary and patented technology, Lumito aims to provide healthcare providers with a powerful tool to meet the demands for fast and safe tissue diagnostics in personalized healthcare. The technology enables higher contrast images where unimportant background information is sorted out, making it easier for pathologists to find cancer indications. The technology, based on Up Converting Nano Particles (UCNP), has the potential to significantly improve the diagnosis of tissue samples through higher quality analyses and shorter analysis times. The method has several potential applications, but Lumito has chosen to focus primarily on digital pathology. The company is a spin-off from a research group at Lund University's Department of Atomic Physics and Laser Centre.


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