Presentation of results from a pilot study using Lumito’s imaging technology

In December 2022, the scientific article "Extracellular galectin 4 drives immune evasion and promotes T-cell apoptosis in pancreatic cancer" was published in Cancer Immunology Research. The lead author of the published article, Tommy Lidström, was at Lumito in mid-February to present the results as part of Lumito's first exclusive presentation held for potential end customers in the Öresund region.

For those who did not have the opportunity to be present during the physical presentation sessions or are interested in seeing the presentation, it is now uploaded on Lumito's website.

Daniel Öhlund's research group at Umeå University is behind the article, aiming to develop new strategies to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer early. Pancreatic cancer has an inferior prognosis as it is often detected when it has already spread, and there are few effective treatment options.

The research group has carried out a pilot study in which it was intended to map how Lumito's UCNP technology (Up-Converting Nano Particles) could improve the ability to visualize protein expression in pancreatic cancer. Using Lumito's imaging technology, the group has, among other things, investigated whether galectin 4 spreads via secretion from the cancer cells into the tumor's supporting tissue, the tumor stroma. Lumito's technology has meant better opportunities, compared to other immunohistochemical methods, to illustrate the penetration of secreted proteins into the tumor stroma. The pilot study concluded with good results.

Link to the presentation here: