Patent application approved in an additional country – Brazil

Lumito's ( basic patent, a patent in the first patent family protecting the use of upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) for imaging in scattering materials, such as human tissue, has now been approved in Brazil. Among other countries, the company is awaiting response to an application concerning India.

– The approval of our basic patent is an important step in our global patent strategy to create a competitive product, the patent provides broad protection beyond medical use. The patent has already been approved in Australia, Europe, Israel, Japan, Canada, China, South Africa and the United States. Our technology is patented as previously communicated in three worldwide patent families that include, together with nanoparticles as markers, creating high resolution images of tissues in for example tumours. The technology has several potential applications, but in a first step we have chosen to focus on digital tissue diagnostics, comments Mattias Lundin, Lumito's CEO.

Lumito's product consists of an instrument and staining liquids (reagents) based on UCNPs. The instrument will be used in tissue diagnostics to provide pathologists with visual images of tissue samples as a basis for diagnosis.

Lumito's patent families in brief

  1. The first patent family protects the use of UCNPs for imaging in scattering materials, such as human tissue.
  2. The second patent family describes the use of light pulses to improve the efficiency of the technique and shorten imaging times.
  3. The third patent family protects the use of UCNPs in tissue diagnostics, the specific application area in which Lumito intends to launch its first product.

For further information, please contact

Mattias Lundin, CEO of Lumito, e-mail:
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Lumito specializes in imaging technology within medical research and development. The technology is based on so called UCNP:s (Up Converting Nano Particles) and is aiming to increase image quality in biomedical applications.  Lumito´s IPR covers high-quality imaging of tissue, for instance in tumours, with UCNP:s as markers. The technology has several possible application areas, but Lumito has initially decided to focus on digital pathology.  

Lumito's share is traded under the ticker LUMITO on the Nordic Growth Market, NGM SME, where the Company's mentor is G&W Fondkommission, telephone: +468-503 000 50.