Lumito – the first results from the new instrument prototype – significantly improved image quality.

Based on the results obtained from the concept phase, the new instrument prototype has been developed. Comparison made using the same microscope slides as the ones used in the concept phase with Lumito’s staining reagent shows significantly improved image quality.

After the concept phase was completed during Q4 2018, phase two of the instrument and tissue diagnosis staining reagent development was started. Experience gained during phase one, greatly accelerated the work. A new technical solution for the optical instrument has been developed and the test have shown a significant improvement in the image quality (link to webpage). All optical components and except the light source and the camera have been replaced. The successful development of the new prototype shows a good level of understanding of the instrument technology, which is strategically important for the continued development.

-The good results from the new instrument are very satisfying and we look with confidence towards the continued development says CEO Stefan Nilsson.