Lumito signs an agreement with Uniogen Oy

Lumito AB and the Finnish company Uniogen Oy have signed a cooperation agreement for the production of Lumito’s immunohistochemical reagent kit, SCIZYS Erbium Kit. The reagent kit is part of Lumito’s product offering and is based on upconverted nanoparticles.

Since June 2022, Lumito has had a Letter of Intent in place with Uniogen Oy (formerly Kaivogen Oy).

– Lumito's product is an excellent example of the superior sensitivity of Upcon® technology. The cooperation brings us a completely new application platform for Upcon particles, comments Ilari Antila, Uniogen’s CEO.

– The fact that we now have a production agreement in place with Uniogen Oy is important and ensures the production of our reagent kits before the start of sales, comments Mattias Lundin, Lumito’s CEO.

The 5-year production agreement means that Uniogen is the manufacturer of Lumito’s SCIZYS Erbium Kit.