Lumito publishes prospectus for preferential rights issue

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In order to facilitate and accelerate the development of Lumito AB, an extraordinary general meeting held on 25 April 2019 resolved to approve the Board of Directors's resolution on 8 April to issue units consisting of shares and warrants with preferential rights for existing shareholders. The prospectus for the rights issue has been approved and registered with the financial supervisory authority (Finansinspektionen), and will shortly be held available on Lumito's website, and on the website of G&W Fondkommission

The rights issue in brief

The rights issue is comprised of at most 28,533,729 units, issued at a price of SEK 1.25 per unit. The subscription period is between 15 May and 31 May 2019. Each unit consists of one new share and one associated gratuitous warrant of series TO2. Every two (2) subscription warrants entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) additional new share, and can be exercised during two time windows: firstly, during the period 1 November 2019 to 29 November 2019, at a subscription price of SEK 1.45, and secondly, during the period 1 May 2020 to 30 May 2020, at a subscription price of SEK 1.55. Given that the offer is fully subscribed, the Company's share capital will increase by SEK 713,343.23 at the most, from SEK 713,343.23 to SEK 1,426,686.45. Upon full exercise of the issued warrants, the share capital can increase by SEK 356,671.60 additionally, at the most.

The company has received subscription commitments and commitments from a guarantee consortium, in writing, amounting to approximately MSEK 29.1 or about 81.7 percent of the total amount of the rights issue.

Directly registered shareholders will be sent an information leaflet and an issue report from Euroclear with a pre-printed payment slip. Nominee registered shareholders will not receive any issue report. Nominee registered shareholders' subscription and payment shall be made in accordance with the instructions of their respective bank or other trustee.

The outcome of the rights issue will be published on the Company's website, and by press release towards 4 June, 2019. The Board of Directors reserves the option to resolve to extend the subscription period.


G&W Fondkommission acts as financial adviser to Lumito in connection with the preferential rights issue.