Lumito presents results from the successful proof of concept phase

As previously disclosed the results from the first histological assay (Link to supporting material) ( are very promising and corroborate a rapid development and release of Lumito’s unique products to the market. Lumito performed the assay together with the company’s development partner The Technology Partnership (TTP) and the external research laboratory BioIVT using proof of concept prototypes; tissue staining kit and instrument for digital pathology.

The assay uses sectioned and stained human colon tissue and targets cytokeratin as a marker for epithelial cells. The assay shows that: 

1.     Lumito’s staining kit can be used with standard autostainers. 

2.     Lumito’s luminescence imaging and standard brightfield imaging can be multiplexed in one single tissue slide.  

3.     Lumito’s luminescence imaging can provide high fidelity information about cell subtypes in human tissue. 

“The results from the assay are very promising and corroborate what we have expected; a rapid development and release of Lumito’s staining kit and instrument for digital pathology to the market. This indicates that our products should significantly improve the diagnostics for tissue samples with higher quality analysis”, says Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Lumito.

The company is already continuing the work in development step 2 together with TTP aiming for developed alpha and beta versions of both instrument and staining kit.  

For more information including images from proof of concept, please refer to