Lumito on BioStock’s list of the 10 strongest life science stocks 2022

BioStock has listed this year's ten strongest Swedish life science stocks and taken a closer look at some companies to see what's behind the share price increases. Lumito is ranked third on the list:

"Lumito rises ahead of market launch

High up on this year's winners list we also find diagnostics company Lumito, which is in full swing preparing for the market launch of Scizys by Lumito. The product is a medical device for tissue diagnostics that will make it easier for pathologists and researchers to identify, among other things, cancer in tissue samples. The launch is scheduled for early 2023 and it is clear that the market has high expectations for the company, whose share price increased by 82% last year."

– We are proud and not least pleased with the interest and confidence new and existing shareholders are showing us, says Mattias Lundin, Lumito's CEO.

The complete list of 2022 Swedish life science stock market rockets according to BioStock, Newswire 3 January 2023 (Company, Development and Area):

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Source: BioStock, Nyhetssvepet 3 januari 2023.

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For further information, please contact:

Mattias Lundin, CEO Lumito
Ph: +46 76 868 45 09



Lumito specializes in medical technology for digital pathology. Through its proprietary and patented technology, Lumito aims to provide healthcare providers with a powerful tool to meet the demands for fast and safe tissue diagnostics in personalized healthcare. The technology enables higher contrast images without irrelevant background information, making it easier for pathologists to find cancer indications. The technology, based on Up Converting NanoParticles (UCNP), has the potential to significantly improve the diagnosis of tissue samples through higher quality analyses and shortened analysis times. The method has several potential applications, but Lumito has chosen to focus primarily on digital pathology and first on a release of SCIZYS by Lumito for use in research laboratories. The company is a spin-off from a research group at the Department of Atomic Physics and Laser Centre.

The share is traded on NGM Nordic SME, under the name LUMITO and Mentor is Mangold Fondkommission, phone: +46 8503 015 50.