Lumito has started an internal pilot study for multiplexing

Lumito has started a pilot study where the aim is to investigate the possibilities of multiplexing by adding another nanoparticle label to the company's unique UCNP-based technology.

There is a pronounced need from the market regarding requests for multiplexing to facilitate further and streamline the work within tissue analysis. Lumito already offers multiplexing with today's product by combining chromogenic labelling with the company's own UCNP labelling in the same image.

– The development of our first reagent product, SCIZYS Erbium Kit, is now complete, and our internal development resources can now focus on the next-generation product. It feels very encouraging and strategic right now to start this project, comments Lumito's CEO, Mattias Lundin.

Multiplexing is a technique that allows for the simultaneous analysis of multiple biomarkers within a single tissue sample. The company assesses that competitiveness increases further by offering yet another UCNP marking in the same image.