Lumito – Associated Member of PathLAKE and part of the Consortium’s highly valuable network

Lumito's application for Associate Membership of the PathLAKE Consortium has been approved. The PathLAKE Consortium is a network of leading NHS Trusts and UK universities who, in collaboration with industrial partners, are at the forefront of innovation in digital pathology. The Consortium's work includes AI-driven diagnostics to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of pathology reporting and improve patient outcomes through advanced diagnostics and patient selection for personalized medicine.

“I am proud of Lumito being an Associated Member of PathLAKE, which I see as a recognition that Lumito stands for a promising innovative technology that may become part of AI-driven diagnostics in the future. It will be interesting to see what the membership will bring to us," comments Lumito's CEO Mattias Lundin.

PathLAKE is one of five Centres of Excellence for the development of artificial intelligence in digital pathology and radiology in the UK. It is expected that PathLAKE will play a leading role in the development, validation and implementation of AI in cellular pathology.

The PathLAKE project is governed by a Consortium of 14 members comprising four NHS Trusts, four universities and six private sector companies. Since the start of the project in January 2019, the Consortium has considered a number of other organisations which might add value to PathLAKE. The status of Associate Member has been created with the objective of encouraging and stimulating innovation and development of AI solutions related to digital pathology by creating a closer relationship with these other organisations than would otherwise be enjoyed if they were simply engaged as suppliers of products and services.

PathLAKE is led by Professor David Snead, Consultant Pathologist at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) and Professor of Pathology Practice at the University of Warwick. He has worked at University Hospital Coventry for 20 years. He is an internationally recognised expert in digital pathology and was instrumental in UHCW being one of the first hospitals in Europe to adopt digital pathology for routine diagnostics. His team published the world's largest validation study on the use of digital pathology which was awarded the 2016 Roger Cotton Prize for best paper in histopathology.

Professor David Snead comments: “We welcome companies developing innovative digital healthcare solutions that could benefit patient outcomes in the future. We invite new companies with pioneering diagnostic technologies to partner with PathLAKE.”

For further information, please contact:

Lumito's CEO, Mattias Lundin


Tel: +46 76 868 45 09

PathLAKE is one of a network of five Centres of Excellence in digital pathology and medical imaging supported by a £50m investment from the Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine strand of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, managed and delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Lumito specializes in medical technology for digital pathology. Through its proprietary and patented technology, Lumito aims to provide healthcare providers with a powerful tool to meet the demands for fast and safe tissue diagnostics in personalized healthcare. The technology enables higher contrast images without irrelevant background information, making it easier for pathologists to find cancer indications. The technology, based on Up Converting NanoParticles (UCNP), has the potential to significantly improve the diagnosis of tissue samples through higher quality analyses and shortened analysis times. The method has several potential applications, of which digital pathology remains the focus of Lumito. The company is a spin-off from a research group at the Department of Atomic Physics and Laser Centre.

The share is traded on NGM Nordic SME, under the name LUMITO and Mentor is Mangold Fondkommission, phone: 08-503 015 50.