Live demonstration of Lumito’s scanner confirmed problem-solving capabilities

We finally got to show our product, SCIZYS by Lumito, during a live demonstration where tissue images were scanned in Lumito's laboratory under the supervision of around ten researchers and pathologists from the Malmö/Lund area. The visitors saw the added value of our product and confirmed the problem that Lumito could potentially solve.

Tommy Lidström, Ph. D., Postdoc. At the Department of Radiation Sciences, Oncology Unit explained Lumito's strength over all other known technologies and presented the portion of the results from the completed scientific study that illustrates how Lumito's UCNP technology can be used to quantify protein expression in pancreatic cancer tissue samples more precisely. Tommy Lidström is the main author of the published article, "Extracellular galectin 4 drives immune evasion and promotes T-cell apoptosis in pancreatic cancer", published in the American Cancer Immunology Research.

– We had three different presentations that resulted in interesting discussions, including clinical ones with the visitors who are clinicians. We received many relevant and good suggestions for further application areas where our product can create added value. Our business model was also well received, especially the possibility to rent the scanner by paying more for UCNP reagent liquid. We continue to work with the valuable contacts we have established and are already planning for the next stop at the Lumitos Road Show, comments Lumitos CEO Mattias Lundin.

Those invited who could not attend on February 14 are invited to a new presentation and demonstration event in March.