Communiqué from the extraordinary general meeting of Lumito AB (publ)

The extraordinary general meeting of Lumito AB (publ) on 25 April 2019 passed the following resolutions:

Item 7 – Decision regarding the approval of the Board of Directors's proposal to issue new shares and warrants (units)

Lumito’s Board of Directors has, conditional on the approval of the General Meeting, resolved to conduct a new issue of at most 28,533,729  shares and 28,533,729 warrants (units). The general meeting approved the Board's decision unanimously. 

Item 8 – Decision regarding the authorization for the Board of Directors to resolve on issue of new shares and warrants (units)

The general meeting resolved unanimously to give the Board of Directors specific authorization to issue new shares and warrants, due to the planned pre-emptive rights issue, aside from the general authorization to issue shares granted by the last Annual General Meeting, according to the following: In the event that the rights issue arouses a lot of interest, the Board of Directors shall resolve to conduct a separate, directed issue of units. One (1) unit shall be comprised of one (1) share and one (1) subscription warrant of series TO 2. The amount of new units in such a directed issue, due to such over-allotment, shall be 2,400,000 units at the most. The given authorization shall remain valid until the next annual general meeting.