Lumito attends the Digital Pathology & AI Congress in London

On December 7–8, Lumito will exhibit with a booth at the annual Digital Pathology & AI Congress in London. The presence is part of the company's branding work within the company's primary target group ahead of the upcoming launch of SCIZYS.

– It is important for us to build trust around our brand and product. We work to make ourselves visible early in the customer's buying journey to position our place in the minds of our primary target group. We exhibited at the Digital Pathology & AI Congress for the first time last year and see great value in returning this year to continue building on these relationships, comments CEO Mattias Lundin, who will attend with three colleagues in Sales & Marketing.

Lumito's SCIZYS product consists of a scanner and UCNP reagents (Upconverting Nano Particles staining liquids). According to the latest updated schedule, the assessment is to be completed, and CE mark SCIZYS in the first months of 2024.