Editorial ad in The Pathologist

An editorial advertisement about Lumito has been published in The Pathologist magazine. The aim is to increase awareness and interest in Lumito's product among pathologists internationally. The article appears in the October issue of both the print and digital editions.

Here is a short abstract of the editorial advertisement, which is also attached.
"Early and accurate diagnosis is the key to stopping cancer in its tracks. That's why Lumito, a tissue diagnostics company based in Sweden, develops a product that has potential to release resources, increase accuracy, and minimize error margins at diagnoses of cancer indications."
Link to The Pathologist.

We have chosen to advertise in The Pathologist because it allows us to reach a total of 200,000 laboratory professionals, professionals specialising in anatomical pathology, clinical pathology, digital pathology, in academic and clinical laboratories, research laboratories and hospitals, and 75,000 readers of the digital version of The Pathologist each month. We reach everyone from aspiring pathologists to experienced laboratory and department managers.

For further information, please contact:

Lumito's CEO, Mattias Lundin
E-mail: ml@lumito.se
phone: +46 76-868 45 09

Lumito specializes in medical technology for digital pathology. Through its proprietary and patented technology, Lumito aims to provide healthcare providers with a powerful tool to meet the demands for fast and safe tissue diagnostics in personalized healthcare. The technology enables higher contrast images where unimportant background information is sorted out, making it easier for pathologists to find cancer indications. The technology, based on Up Converting Nano Particles (UCNP), has the potential to significantly improve the diagnosis of tissue samples through higher quality analyses and shorter analysis times. The method has several potential applications, but Lumito has chosen to focus primarily on digital pathology. The company is a spin-off from a research group at Lund University's Department of Atomic Physics and Laser Centre. www.lumito.se.

The share is traded on NGM Nordic SME, under the name LUMITO and Mentor is Mangold Fondkommission, phone: 08-503 015 50.