Successful presence for Lumito at the European Congress of Pathology

Lumito exhibited with a booth at the European Congress of Pathology in Dublin on September 10–12. The congress gathered a total of 4,448 people, and the interest in Lumito's booth was excellent. An increased interest was also shown from repeat visitors and potential distributors. The European Congress of Pathology ranks as one of Europe's leading […]

Lumito signs an agreement with Uniogen Oy

Lumito AB and the Finnish company Uniogen Oy have signed a cooperation agreement for the production of Lumito’s immunohistochemical reagent kit, SCIZYS Erbium Kit. The reagent kit is part of Lumito’s product offering and is based on upconverted nanoparticles. Since June 2022, Lumito has had a Letter of Intent in place with Uniogen Oy (formerly […]

Lumito AB publishes Quarterly Report 2, 2023

First half of the year 1 January – 30 June 2023 Net sales amounted to KSEK 0 (0). Result after taxes amounted to KSEK -14,668 (-13,610). Basic and diluted earnings per share amounted to SEK -0.07 (-0.09). Cash flow from operating activities after change in working capital amounted to KSEK -13,734 (-14,636). Cash and cash […]

Lumito attends the 19th European Congress on Digital Pathology in Budapest

Lumito is attending the 19th European Congress on Digital Pathology in Budapest, June 14th – 17th, 2023. Lumito's Project Manager, Krzysztof Krawczyk, is present with the company's CTO, Andreas Johansson. Krzysztof also gives a poster presentation. See attached picture from the first day. For further information, please contact: Mattias Lundin, CEO LumitoE-mail: ml@lumito.sePh: +46 76 868 […]

Lumito launches new website

Lumito has now launched a new website. The website is designed to better reflect Lumito's ongoing commercialisation phase, with a special focus on the SCIZYS product ahead of the upcoming product launch. Visit our new website here! For further information, please contact: Mattias Lundin, CEO LumitoE-mail: ml@lumito.sePh: +46 76 868 45 09  Lumito Lumito specialises in medical […]

EMC testing at an external company in Germany

Yesterday, EMC testing (electromagnetic compatibility testing) of Lumito's product, SCIZYS, began with an external independent testing company in Germany to obtain an external assessment that ensures the product meets all relevant requirements. The company has prepared well with Optronic Partner pr for the independent EMC test and is now ready. The EMC testing is a […]

Presentation of results from a pilot study using Lumito’s imaging technology

In December 2022, the scientific article "Extracellular galectin 4 drives immune evasion and promotes T-cell apoptosis in pancreatic cancer" was published in Cancer Immunology Research. The lead author of the published article, Tommy Lidström, was at Lumito in mid-February to present the results as part of Lumito's first exclusive presentation held for potential end customers […]

Updated analysis by Mangold Insight

Today, Mangold Insight published an updated company analysis of Lumito. The company analysis in a commissioned analysis and is available here, but can also be accessed from Lumito’s website here. Please note that the company analysis is in Swedish. For further information, please contact: Mattias Lundin, CEO Lumito E-mail: Ph: +46 76 868 45 09  […]

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