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Our long term vision is – to through our unique patented technology – offer a product that releases resources, increases precision and minimizes human margins of error in the diagnosis of cancer indications. 



Our product and offering addresses  the global market for optical imaging systems and for reagent liquids. The offer to the market includes a scanner together with reagents and a software program for the specific analyses to be performed, providing recurring revenues throughout the product’s life cycle.
Our value proposition is to add value over existing optical molecular imaging instruments by offering a completely new imaging technology that adds new opportunities for higher quality, accuracy, and more efficient analytical processes for the users of the instruments and reagents.

The product offering has potential both in the clinical environment, where routine analyses are performed, and in the research field, where new opportunities and applications in tissue diagnostics are being tested.

The strategy of a first launch in research laboratories in the first part of 2023 does not require CE marking under the IVDR, instead a less extensive and more general CE marking is needed where the we assure that the product complies with the essential health, environmental and safety requirements found in the relevant directives. The knowledge and experience gained from the research laboratories will be used when adapting the product to the clinical environment.

The commercialization strategy also includes:
– establishing close cooperation with key opinion leaders to highlight Lumito’s technology and positive effects.
– consult with early stages researchers to promote the use of UCNPs for imaging in research and to find new application areas.
– participate in and sponsor early phase pilot studies in collaboration with key clinical partners to verify positive efficacy impacts and create awareness of these impacts in the marketplace.
– establish contacts and relationships with market leading suppliers in tissue diagnostics to find distribution and strategic partnerships in product development.



The objective is to launch a product for research laboratories in Sweden and Scandinavia during the first part of 2023. To launch a product for research laboratories, prior to a product in a clinical environment, allows:
– us to reach the market faster. This generates sales and creates media attention to the product offering.
– analysis of where our technology creates the most value. This analysis can later be used to determine the value proposition of the clinical product.