Share information

Lumito is affiliated to Sweden’s VPC (which provides a central securities depository and clearinghouse for the capital markets), and its shares are registered electronically with Euroclear Sweden AB, which also contains its share register. All shares are of one and the same kind, have equal rights to share in the Company’s assets and profits and have the same voting power. All shares are issued and fully paid up.

Short name: LUMITO

Shares AK

Number of shares: 59 469 458
ISIN: SE0011282847


Number: 30 933 729
ISIN: SE0012507960

Lumito has 30 933 729 outstanding warrants from TO 2. Two (2) warrants entitles the holder either to subscribe for one (1) share at the price of 1,45 SEK per share, between 1 November 2019 and 29 November 2019 or at the price of 1,55 SEK per share  between May 1 2020 and May 30 2020.  Apart from the warrants, there are no outstanding convertible loans or other outstanding financial instruments which, if exercised, would entail a dilution effect for the shareholders in the Company.

Lumito specialises in medical research in imaging technology. The technologies, based on Upconverting Nanoparticles (“UCNP”), can be used to create products for imaging both tissues in living organisms (in vivo) and on tissue samples in laboratory environments (in vitro).