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The next generation IHC detection system for pathology with a standard immunohistochemistry workflow. No need for frozen tissue or darkrooms


Lumito provides the biomedical research community with the next generation IHC detection system, the Scizys system – a platform that provides a light signal that operates as an invisible IHC (immunohistochemistry).

The IHC signal can be toggled on and off without obscuring any morphological properties of a sample and gives you the future additional channels for multiplexing.

Lumito uses upconversion nanoparticles (UCNP) as a tool for histopathological imaging. The properties of the particles enable dual modality imaging and for each scanned sample two images are taken. One for morphological information and chromogen IHC in brightfield and one for immunohistochemical information visualized by UCNP. These images are fully separated in two channels but fully coordinated and stackable. This enables the user to study all morphological properties of a sample and with a click of a button view the correlating IHC information.

Smooth workflow

SCIZYS by Lumito – is a flexible and smooth solution for pathology with a standard immunohistochemistry workflow. Noneed for frozen tissue or darkrooms.




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