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The company was formed in 2010 and is another spin-off from the research group at the Department of Nuclear Physics at Lund Laser Centre, which has been led by Professor Stefan Andersson-Engels for a long time. Lumito can thus turn to a range of companies that have sprouted and grown from this research environment; Gasoptics Sweden AB and SpectraCure AB to name just two. The company is based on many years of work by the research team’s world-leading research in the field. After trying at an early stage to commercialise the technique through a business model based on licensing technology, the Company decided to take the technology to the market by developing its own Digital Pathology products.

As the population grows and gets older at the same time, the number of reverse analyses and demands for rapid and accurate analyses of tissue samples increase. The degree of accuracy of current staining methods for tissue diagnosis is about 70 percent, which means that about 30 percent of the diagnoses are established on incorrect grounds. There is an enormous need for a reliable, accurate, and fast technology.