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Lumito was founded in 2010 by a research group then active at Lund University’s Department of Atomic Physics and Laser Centre. The work in the research group was led by Professor Stefan Andersson-Engels, PhD in Physics at Lund University, who is now a member of the Board of Directors of the company.  

The research group was pioneering medical applications of Up-Converting Nano Particles (“UCNP”) which gave more light than other nanoparticles. The research team was able to use the technology to display background-free signals that enabled sharper images and better imaging deep inside tissue. As a result of the research, the company learned that the UNCP had several applications, including in tissue diagnostics, and chose to patent the technology in 2010 and 2012.  

In 2015, Stefan Andersson-Engels contacted Masoud Khayyami, PhD in Applied Biochemistry at Lund University, who was interested in joining the project. A business plan was developed that involved specializing in medical technology for digital pathology. Lumito’s patented technology also has potential applications outside of medical research where imaging of objects in scattering materials is necessary. The company’s organization was formalized in 2018 and a CEO was hired. Since then, the organization has grown to consist of 15 people in 2022.