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The future of tissue diagnostics is here

Lumito specializes in medical research on imaging techniques and has developed a technology for digitized tissue diagnostics. The product consists of a scanner and reagents for staining tissue sections. The technology is based on up-converting nanoparticles (“UCNP”) that can be used to create imagery in in vivo as well as in vitro environment.


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Find the needle in the haystack using Lumito’s technology

Today’s standard staining provide low-contrast images. With Lumito’s method, the tissue is stained with nano-particle-based reagents and the result is high quality images. The pictures have high contrast and detail. It is also possible to do staining with both Lumitos and traditional staining in the same tissue section.


Breast tissue stained with Her2-UCNP reagent to visualize cells with the presence of breast cancer markers by Lumito’s method. Elimination of all essential information from background signal and autofluorescence provides significantly better conditions for automated analysis based on, for example, AI algorithms.


This image is taken of Lumito’s instruments in a narrow emission spectrum, which means that only searched markers are shown in the cells. The image shows UCNP-based Her2 staining of BT 474, which is a breast cancer cell line.



The image shows a cell sample with hematoxylin, a standardized staining of the same cell sample as the previous image. With Lumito’s technology, it is possible to merge the images and enable studies of both the morphology and cancer markers in the same cell sample.

The user can choose to analyze both images separately, or in a combined image for increased accuracy and more secure diagnosis.


If you are curious about how Lumito’s technology and how the product can be used in your business, you are welcome to contact Tim Nilsson for a presentation.