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Lumito's Board

Urban Widén, Chairman of the Board since 2021.

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Ingrid Hultgren, Board member since 2022.

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Roland Andersson, Board member since 2019.

Professor of surgery, Lunds University.

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Ulf Bladin, Board member since 2019.

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Stefan Andersson-Engels, Member of the Board since 2018.

Technology Doctor of Physics, 1990, Lund University.

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Mattias Lundin,

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2021.

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Lars Lindgren,

Project Manager and Advisor since 2021.

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Andreas Johansson,

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since 2020.

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Henrik Ljung,

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since 2018.

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Anna Linde,

Quality Manager since 2023.

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Certified Accountant

Ola Bjärehäll, Certified Accountant and Partner
Ohrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB
Scheelevägen 27, SE-223 63 Lund