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Tissue samples with high quality and accuracy within digital pathology

Lumito’s unique and patented technology enables significantly improved tissue diagnostics. We intend to provide healthcare professionals and researchers with a powerful tool to meet the demands of rapid and safe tissue diagnostics in individualised healthcare.


Meeting the increasing need for specific tissue analysis

A growing elderly population and a higher need for specific tissue analysis linked to new personalised therapies generate a strong need for improved analytical methods with the possibility of digital analysis and automation. Lumito’s technology creates the potential to meet these needs.


Lumito’s UCNP may fill the needs for improved tissue diagnostics

Lumito’s technology is based on the application of Up-Converting Nano Particles (UCNP) and has the potential to fill the need for improved digital tissue diagnostics through higher quality of analysis and shorter analysis times. The technology enables higher contrast images. Insignificant background information is sorted out, making it easier for pathologists and researchers to detect cancer indications or other antibody indications in tissue.

A great potential has been identified in developing new and more efficient methods for tissue diagnosis through UCNP staining of tissue samples, so-called immunohistochemistry. This method is widely used in the diagnosis of cancer, autoimmune diseases and drug research, among others, in combination with standardised staining methods. Lumito’s technique has the potential to search for multiple disease markers in the same tissue sample. Parallel staining allows multiple analyses to be performed simultaneously with higher quality and reliability.