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Tissue samples with high quality and accuracy 

With Lumito’s unique and patented technology, there are provisions to significantly improve the diagnostics for tissue samples through shorter analytical times and higher quality analysis. Lumito’s technology also provides completely new opportunities to search for multiple disease indications in the same tissue section, multiplexing. Our techniqe offers digital analysis and automatization.

Our technique

The level of accuracy based on today’s staining methods in tissue diagnostics is about 70 percent, which means that about 30 percent of pathologists’ opinions are incorrect or uncertain, which emphasises a strong need for increased accuracy.

The number of tissue samples increases with a growing population, higher average life expectancy, and new individualised treatment methods. This requires increasingly specific analytical responses. At the same time, the healthcare capacity is limited, resulting in longer response times after samples are taken. In parallel, there is a great need to digitise the analysis processes, otherwise known as, digital pathology.